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Kundo 400 Day Anniversary Clock Vintage

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Beautiful West German Kundo brass 400 day anniversary clock with glass dome and ivory enamel dial which appears to be hand-decorated in a red, green, and gold floral pattern. Kundo is a trademark name of Kieninger & Obergfell, a long time German clock manufacturer. Key-wound 400 day clocks, such as this one, are no longer made. They were designed to be wound every 400 or so days, so owners typically wind them once every year on an anniversary date. The clocks are known for being reliable. This clock measures approximately 11.75 inches high, including the glass dome. The dome is approximately 5.5 inches in diameter. The brass base, which has leveling screws, measures approximately 8 inches in diameter. Both pieces together weigh about 4.5 pounds. On the back of the clock is engraved "KIENINGER & OBERGFELL", and "Made in West-Germany, no (0) jewels, unadjusted". It is believed to date from the fifties to the early 70s. This timepiece is in good to very good condition. The glass dome has some very very small glass chip flakes showing around the bottom edge. There has been no attempt to polish the brass. The dial is in great shape and the clock appears to work very well. It works best when it has been leveled. This clock comes with a winding key which is not the original key. Please see additional pictures at bottom of this page.

  • Model: German Kundo 400 Day Anniversary
  • Shipping Weight: 9lbs

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